Pacific Maritime Big Book of Bees

Created and designed by Cait Harrigan & Kath Quayle

Big Book of Bees!

This book features a gallery of native bee species that have been documented in BC’s Pacific Maritime ecozone at one time or another. The gallery is based on the comprehensive list of species published by Sheffield and Heron in 2018 together with more recent research grade sightings in iNaturalist, GBIF and the Galiano Biodiversity Life List.

Images have been collected from iNaturalist as well as from the Spencer Entomological Collection (SEC) Collection, to whom we give special thanks for allowing us to reproduce their specimen images for this book.

We indicate some attributes with the following badges:

Badge Meaning
SH list Species present on Sheffield and Heron 2018 list
PM Evidence Physical evidence exists for this species’ presence in the Pacific Maritime (research-grade image, or preserved specimen)
Galiano Evidence for this species’ presence on Galiano Island, BC

Why we made this book

We made this book to provide easy access to information that can help you identify native bees that have been found in BC’s Pacific Maritime region. The photo gallery lets you compare your bee picture or specimen to species known to be in the region, and links to GBIF and iNaturalist maps show you where and when different species have been observed.

We focus on the Pacific Maritime region, and link out to records of the same species if they’ve been spotted elsewhere in the world. Our goal is not to duplicate functionality of well-established aggregators, but to provide different options for organizing and visualizing the same data.


If you find this resource useful we’d love to hear about it! Let us know using our survey page. Any comments and feedback re missing bees, incorrect entries, etc. are also much appreciated!

Example usage:

  • Select a species in the gallery
  • Check out the GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) map where available
  • Compare with your own observations to help identify bees

The species pages are set up to help answer “When was this species last seen in the Pacific Maritime?”

Ecozones of British Columbia

This resource focuses on the Pacific Maritime ecozone in BC, Canada. For the exact polygon definition we used for this ecozone, see the GBIF data DOI link below.

Modified from Cannings (2016) 1 to include the boundary of the Western Interior Basin (WIB), which is comparable to the Southern Interior ecoprovince of BC’s Ecoregion Classification System 2.

See the Ecozones Framework of Canada for more information.

Data Completeness

Bee book gallery shows two pieces of information per species page:

  1. Bee image (curated by KQ)
  2. Map of observations in Pacific Maritime (pulled from GBIF)

Page completeness is as follows:

Family coverage

Bee families in the Pacific Maritime

These maps show observations from GBIF for bee families in the Pacific Maritime. Double click any genus to isolate it on the map. 37 historical datasets are represented in our GBIF data, downloaded December 27th 2023.

  • Sheffield and Heron’s 2018 baseline reference list: 3 genuses, 54 species (Andrena, 52; Panurginus, 1; Perdita, 1).

  • Physical records of preserved specimens or images documented in GBIF, iNaturalist, the Spencer Entomological Collection, or the Galiano Life List: 2 genuses, 45 species (Andrena, 44; Panurginus, 1).

Bee species on Sheffield and Heron’s list but with no physical record (18 species)
Andrena cressonii Andrena cyanophila Andrena erythrogaster
Andrena excellens Andrena forbesii Andrena fulvicrista
Andrena lillooetensis Andrena mariae Andrena milwaukeensis
Andrena schuhi Andrena scurra Andrena sigmundi
Andrena singularis Andrena striatifrons Andrena subaustralis
Andrena washingtoni Panurginus ineptus Perdita nevadensis
Bee species on Sheffield and Heron’s list and with physical records (36 species)
Andrena amphibola Andrena angustitarsata Andrena auricoma
Andrena barbilabris Andrena buckelli Andrena caerulea
Andrena candida Andrena chlorura Andrena cleodora
Andrena columbiana Andrena crataegi Andrena cupreotincta
Andrena frigida Andrena hemileuca Andrena hippotes
Andrena medionitens Andrena melanochroa Andrena miranda
Andrena miserabilis Andrena nigrihirta Andrena nigrocaerulea
Andrena nivalis Andrena perarmata Andrena perplexa
Andrena prunorum Andrena rufosignata Andrena saccata
Andrena salicifloris Andrena subtilis Andrena thaspii
Andrena transnigra Andrena trevoris Andrena vicina
Andrena vicinoides Andrena vierecki Andrena w-scripta
Bee species with physical records, but not on Sheffield and Heron’s list (9 species)
Species Summary note
Andrena algida Collected in the Galiano Island, 2017 community bee inventory event (specimen LRB17-3662, private collection)
Andrena angustella Collected on Galiano Island in 1984 (specimen in the Spencer Entomological Collection). Sheffield and Heron note this determination is questionable
Andrena astragali Sighted on Galiano Island in 2018 with multiple subsequent sightings in 2020 to 2023 (iNaturalist)
Andrena concinnula Collected in the Lower Mainland in 1983 (specimen in the Spencer Entomological Collection)
Andrena fuscicauda Collected on Galiano Island in the 2017 community bee inventory event (specimen LRB17-3745, private collection)
Andrena pallidifovea Collected in the Fraser Valley in 1890 (specimen in the Snow Entomological Museum Collection)
Andrena regularis Collected in the Fraser Valley in 1927 (specimen in the Illinois Natural History Survey Insect Collection)
Andrena tridens Collected on Vancouver Island in 1989 (specimen in the Illinos Natural History Insect Collection)
Panurginus atriceps Collected on Vancouver Island in 2005 and 2009, and again in the Fraser Valley in 2013 (specimens in the Spencer Entomological Collection and the Bees of British Columbia Hymenoptera Collection)